Photo of modern flat design in black, white and red

The black-white-red interior was conceived by the customer, and embodied by designers taking into account all the requirements for modern comfortable housing. The area of ​​the apartment is small - 56 square meters, so the most appropriate style here is minimalism.

The main task assigned to the designers was to create a spacious living room, where there would be enough space for a large group of friends. In this case, the functionality should not suffer.

Creating a modern design of the apartment, the architects have provided a large number of storage spaces, interlocked in groups. This allows you to leave a maximum of free space, to create a feeling of spaciousness, and at the same time not to experience inconvenience when searching for the right things.

In order not to overwhelm the dwelling, they did not allocate a separate dining area, the role of the table is performed by the bar counter, which also separates the living room from the kitchen area. A soft zone with additional storage systems in the living room wraps around in the kitchen with a large closet for household needs.

The black-white-red interior needs to be diluted with additional colors to soften the contrast of this classic “troika”. To begin with, they introduced a light gray shade of concrete on the walls and ceiling, softening and combining the three primary colors. Then they added elements of light wood, and as a result received a harmonious and comfortable apartment.


The owners purchased a one-room apartment, but wanted to have a separate room for the bedroom. This problem was solved by redevelopment. In order to get additional space, the entrance area, kitchen area and living room area were combined, which allowed not only to allocate a bedroom, but also slightly expand the bathroom.

The interior involves the combination of several functions in one design, which saves space and increase functionality. In the photo of the modern design of the apartment in the entrance area there is a spacious wardrobe, which is combined with a red portal leading to the bedroom.

Design tricks

The floor of concrete and the wall “under the concrete”, decorated with decorative plaster, made it possible to soften the black-and-white interior, make it soft, make it more comfortable. The light gray color of concrete harmoniously combines three contrasting tones, and the absence of seams helps to perceive space as a single whole. The remaining walls are painted in a light tone, creating a backdrop for bright details.

A loft-style brick wall is the main decorative element in the bedroom. It is also light, which softens the deliberate coarseness of the texture. Furniture made according to design drawings, as well as Italian lamps, helps to emphasize the stylishness and originality of the interior.

Photo of modern apartment design: bathroom.

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