Gray-white interior loft style apartment

The design of an apartment in the loft style is always a lot of light, a feeling of spaciousness, and at the same time maximum comfort. A design studio from the Czech Republic OOOH designed the attic of an old Prague house in this style. Those who love simple, reasonable decisions, and at the same time appreciate the comfort and modern achievements of technical thought, will certainly appreciate this interior.

The design of the attic is made in the same tone, but the resulting gray-white interior can not be called dull or uninteresting. Just the opposite: it creates a mood, allows you to relax and immerse yourself in your inner world.

Different shades of the same color - gray - cover the walls and floors, the ceiling and even furniture. Lighting devices, accessories and even decorative elements are basically gray.

What is attractive gray-white interiors for designers? Gray gives you the opportunity to create a different mood, using different shades. For example, silver tones can turn a simple interior into a very expensive and solid one. This color is combined absolutely with all the other colors of the spectrum, giving the opportunity to change the situation at any time, changing the decor elements by adding color accents.

The loft-style apartment received a living area visually separated from the rest of the space. It is located directly below the roof window. Due to the slope, it is directed towards the sky and receives more daylight than a regular window in the wall. Of course, such windows should be selected taking into account the increased mechanical loads, because in the winter time snow can accumulate on the roof.

In the gray-white interior of the kitchen you can count at least five shades of the same color, and this is the best proof of the fact that gray can be very interesting if played correctly. Properly used metal and glossy surfaces reflect the light penetrating from the large, into the floor, the windows, expanding the space and making it brighter and more joyful by the game of highlights.

The bedroom is dominated by minimalism, which does not prevent it from being comfortable and calm. There are also elements of metal, emphasizing the overall style of the interior.

A loft-style apartment can look elegant and elegant due to proper selection of color and a combination of different textures. This is what the bathroom looks like: a large amount of glass and mirrors, metal elements of the decor, reflecting the light rays, expand the room, and the matte surfaces give comfort and warmth.

Lighting - lamps hanging from the ceiling - are usually used in utility rooms basements. The idea of ​​designers is to connect “heaven and earth”, to turn one of the premises of the apartment into an “underground” space, in order to expand for the residents their living space not only “horizontally” but also “vertically”.

Watch the video: Interior Design Loft Apartment - bedroom kitchen living room (October 2019).


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