Children's room in pink color

Pink children's room - the dream of almost every girl. He is gentle, romantic, associated with a princess from a children's fairy tale, and is the best suited for the style of "princesses". Each color has its effect on the human psyche, and pink is one of the most positive in this sense. Comfort, comfort, peace - this is what a child can give baby pink.

This is a very grateful color from the point of view of designers. Registration nursery in pink allows you to use the whole range of possibilities: traditional and modern furniture, accessories of various styles and trends will look on this background equally harmoniously.

Pink is a complex color, its shades can be warm or cold. The interiors are very different.

Warm. When added to red as the basis of orange and yellow tones, a variety of warm pink shades are obtained, for example, “childish”, rose ash, coral, peach, and some others. Pink children's room in warm shades it looks very cute, cozy.

Cold. To get cold shades, add blue, violet, lilac to the basic tone. The result is a color close to lavender, fuchsia, and raspberry tone. Children's pink Cold gamma will look better if its design is made in a modern style.

Choosing which shades your baby pinkit is worth remembering that the child’s preferences are more important than the ideas of the designers.


Having chosen the basic tone, it is necessary to think over what to combine it with. In this case, remember the rule: the shades of one range are best combined: warm or cold.

For a pink children's room such options are suitable:

White. Adding white surfaces, such as white furniture, will make the room even softer, adding a festive, elegant atmosphere to it.

Gray. Calm, soft solution for nursery in pink. Gray mutes the pink gamut, brings a sense of peace, stability.

Yellow. Yellow - the color of the sun, energy, heat. It causes a feeling of cheerfulness, relieves drowsiness, and drives away fatigue.

Green. Pink and green are a natural combination. Pink rose on a green stalk - a symbol of beauty and perfection. Complement nursery in pink green accents, and it will look very harmonious.

Blue. Pretty rare combination. Nevertheless, being properly selected in scale, it looks interesting, and is particularly suitable for interiors in a modern style.

Textile accessories, made in active, contrasting colors - purple, violet, lilac, will help to revive and give brightness to such an interior.


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