Registration of a nursery of 15 sq. m. for two boys

Parents had no doubts for a long time and decided to convert the largest room in the apartment into the nursery. A two-level dark wood bed, a large light green sofa, two work stations and a sports corner appeared in the room.

Walls in room design for 2 boys decorated in light green color, and the ceiling in pale blue. Used paints from a specialized children's series, water-based and due to the content of silver ions have the ability to resist various bacteria.

For convenience and to create extra space in room design for 2 boys instead of the old door, a new sliding door was installed. Her canvas is completely camouflaged in the wall, moving on a special rail. In the decoration of the canvas used veneer golden.

A small sports complex of pine is in the corner. children's room 15 square. m, it is rigidly fixed to the floor and ceiling. The sports corner includes: a wooden and rope ladder, a rope and a horizontal bar from metal.

In all room design for 2 boys feel the breath of the forest and the atmosphere of freshness. It can be traced in the window blinds, curtains with a horizontal arrangement of lime slats, their color coincides with the overall design of all furniture.

All free space around the window children's room 15 square. m Used for various storage systems. There is also an open wooden bookcase for storing books and a very convenient writing desk, at which there is enough space for at least two guys.

On one of the walls in child's design for 2 boys it was decided to use part of the floor parquet and with the help of special mounts a niche was created for photo wallpaper with a picturesque view of the birch grove. Such a transition in the decoration gives completeness and supports the general decorative theme of the interior. Every morning, the guys will wake up in a birch forest.

Virtually all lighting devices used in child's design for 2 boyshave a directional effect. This is the right decision, as children use almost the entire space of the room for games or learning and every point should be lit.

On the wall near the bed, a strip of specialized flizilin wallpaper, which depicts various living organisms, is fixed with glue based on methylcellulose. This kind of simulator for the development of it allows you to examine, study and paint the figures depicted on them.

The crib has two levels, designed according to the architect’s sketches specifically for nursery design for 2 boys from beech wood.

Cabinet for things in children's room 15 square. m has many different compartments. These are the usual hinge-opening and drawers. The facade itself is made of chipboard and imitates a variety of wood: cherry, walnut, zebrano.

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