Forged beds: photo, types, color, design, headboard with forging elements

Forged beds are the main decoration of the interior and a truly royal bed. At the expense of airy, openwork details and ornate weaves, it turns out to give the decor of an apartment or a country house, individuality and aristocracy.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages and disadvantages of forged products.


Made of clean, hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly material that allows you to install them in the nursery.

Have quite a lot of weight.

Forged frames are durable and long service life.

They have a rather diverse design and can be made according to an individual sketch, which gives them a special exclusivity.

Have a high price category.

Metal is perfectly combined with other materials.

Varieties of beds

There are several types of designs.


It has a rectangular shape, smooth lines and a concise appearance, giving the interior a certain rigor.

Baby cots

Thanks to the openwork bends, made in the technique of cold forging, cribs look very gentle and airy. These models can differ in a variety of colors, which provides an opportunity to choose an option for both girls and boys, and even for newborns.

In the photo there is a light forged bed in the interior of a nursery for a girl.

Transforming bed

It has a special mechanism and has a more modern and compact form, which allows to significantly save usable space. In addition, the bed-transformer may differ by the presence of special drawers for storing linen, which are under the bed.


They represent a rather original version, have a well-thought-out design and stand out with a large variety of design solutions.

Loft bed

Ergonomic, comfortable and very unusual model that fits perfectly in any room, regardless of its size and configuration.

Sizes and shapes

Common sizes of m shapes.

Double bed

Allows you to correctly emphasize the purpose of the room and create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. Such a mandatory interior attribute, should harmoniously complement the overall design, and not to discord with it.

In the photo is a bedroom in a country house with a dark wrought-iron double bed.

Single beds

These compact single-use structures are designed for single occupancy, and are particularly suitable for small rooms.

The photo shows a children's attic for two children, decorated with forged single beds.


A versatile option that fits perfectly with any environment. Lorry has a very comfortable size, which despite its compactness is spacious enough for rest and sleep.


Such a sleeping place will undoubtedly give an atmosphere of solidity and status, and at the expense of sophisticated forged elements will look like a king.


The traditional rectangular model is the most familiar, practical and very convenient interior solution.

In the photo there is a bedroom with a wrought rectangular bed in combination with identical side tables.


It is not only a great option for small-sized premises, but is also considered to be a rather unusual and non-trivial furniture element. These structures with side backs, compactly arranged in a corner, do not occupy unnecessary space and allow freeing the central part of the room.

Headboard options with forging elements

The most interesting design options for a bed headboard.

Wrought iron

Such backs always look very advantageous and undoubtedly add to the design refinement, refinement, special charm and charm. Thanks to the correctly chosen pattern and style of forged elements, it turns out to give the room a unique and inimitable appearance.


Forging gives the bed a special color and luxury, and the soft back supplements it with greater comfort.


The whimsically intertwining forged metal rods perfectly harmonize with the tree, due to which a bed with an impeccable design is obtained, which undoubtedly attracts views to itself.

Leather back

This combination of natural, artificial leather or eco-leather with elegant forging, becomes an elegant interior decoration that looks very noble, respectable and luxurious. In addition, the metal is quite strong and durable, and leather upholstery has a high wear resistance, which provides a long service life of the product.

The color scheme of beds with forging

Thanks to a certain shade of a wrought-iron bed, you can create a truly bright interior accent. For example, for these products, beige, gold or black is particularly popular, with indisputable advantages, since such forging elements have a more defined and clear look, especially standing out against the background of light bed linen, pillows and bedspreads.

On the photo is a bed with a wrought-iron back and black footboard in the bedroom interior.

White, gray or silvery beds are notable for their special tenderness and spectacularity, due to which these designs contribute to the luxurious and at the same time refined transformation of space and are perfect for small rooms.

It is also quite common to use more saturated colors or shades such as bronze and burgundy, adding to the design of some languor and nobility.

Ideas for bed design and decoration

Design and design solutions for beds with forging.

With canopy

Models decorated with a canopy deserve special attention. Thin forging in combination with flowing fabric, will give the situation a special lightness, fabulousness and at the same time luxury and elitism.

In the photo there is a bedroom and a wrought-iron bed decorated with a canopy in the form of light curtains.


Designs with the effect of aging are quite popular. Forged items with a rough and poorly painted surface will add vintage to the room.

With upholstery

Very stylish design solution, giving the interior environment a special aesthetics and perfection.

With carriage stitch

Forged lace details in combination with a four-sided carriage or capitone, become the exclusive decoration of the whole room, which is characterized by unsurpassed durability, convenience and practicality.

In the photo there is a bedroom in the attic and a bed with a back decorated with a carriage fastener combined with artistic forging.

With patina

With patching, you can achieve a variety of color solutions and imitations, such as silver or gold.

In the photo, the headboard of the bed is decorated with wrought monograms with a patina effect.

Photo wrought beds in the interior of the rooms

Models with forging in the interior of various rooms.

In the interior of the bedroom

A smart double bed with expressive wrought-iron patterns will bring elegance to the atmosphere and will be an excellent solution for a spacious bedroom for adults. In a small bedroom, it is advisable not to install bulky constructions decorated with complex patterns; here, one and a half bed models with light and delicate artistic forging will look better.

In the photo forged double bed in black color in the bedroom in a city apartment.

In the children's room

Forged airy, graceful figured details will allow to form a truly original design in the nursery and at the same time will not clutter the space and burden the atmosphere.

Design examples in various styles

These products can give the interior a chamber and at the same time ease. Aerial drawings and unusual patterned forging can combine dreamy romance, strict classics, gothic asceticism or stormy modern.


An urban loft implies décor in the form of forging, since the metal is the same profile material as concrete, stone or brick. A wrought-iron stylish bed with a strict and slightly rough design, against a background of stone or brick decoration, will look especially amazing.


This style has a more restrained design, frankly straight lines and a certain austerity. Forged geometrical patterns on a low bed-back of a clear rectangular shape are quite appropriate here.


Elements of metal fit perfectly in this rural direction. In the interior of the Provence, designs with artificial aging or patting look particularly attractive, models with delicate and smooth forged curls in the form of plant motifs, which will be very harmoniously combined with wooden furniture and pastel decoration of the room.


In the art nouveau style, an abundance of curved metal parts is especially welcome. Beds with ornate head forging patterns and chic legs harmoniously complement the interior in a modern style full of new forms.


The classic design assumes double massive structures, decorated with rich upholstery, brilliant decor or golden splashes, models with high twisted backs and footboards or beds with leather headboards in combination with forging elements.

The photo shows a spacious bedroom in a classic style with a wrought-iron double bed with gold-plated elements.


Here beds with the wooden basis combined with a shod back and a footboard will be pertinent. Particularly underscore the seriousness of the interior scandi massive design with a headboard decorated with strict lines and having a rough treatment.

Photo gallery

Wrought beds are an absolutely exclusive product, which undoubtedly becomes the main interior decoration. Due to the individual design, you can create a real masterpiece in the spirit of the Middle Ages, which will make the design of the room not like the others.

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