Corner wardrobe in the bedroom: types, content, size, design

Corner closet in the bedroom will help solve the problem of storage, even in a small room. It can be of different design and content of your choice, and will fit almost any style of interior design, from classic English to modern high-tech. Using the corner cabinet allows you to use the bedroom area most effectively.

Types of corner wardrobe in the bedroom

Depending on the size of the room and its layout, you can choose different types of corner cabinets:

  • Built-in;

  • Cabinet, or detached.

The design of built-in corner cabinets in the bedroom can be any, according to the needs of a particular family. It is limited only by the size of the area allocated for them and the features of the layout.

Corner cabinets can be of various shapes:
  • Triangular: the plan has a triangle. Their advantages are large volume and ease of manufacture, and, therefore, the budget price. The main drawback is a significant area that they “take away” from the room.

  • Trapezoidal: in plan have trapezium of different shapes. A big plus of such cabinets is that they can be easily combined with the rest of the bedroom furniture.

  • Pentagonal: the most popular and sought after by the buyer due to its capacity.

  • Radius: have rounded shapes. The main plus is an unusual design, suitable for complex interior styles, such as art deco, Empire. Minus - the complexity of manufacturing and high price.

  • L-shaped: in the plan they form the letter G. The essential advantage of this design is the optimal use of angular spaces. As a minus, you can specify the simplicity of the design.

Corner wardrobe design in the bedroom

The closet standing in the room is obliged to correspond to it according to the style decision. It is good if the corner cupboard in the small bedroom matches the color of the walls - in this case it will not visually obstruct the room. In a large room, you can use contrasting colors for painting walls and furniture. Determining the appearance of the cabinet is the look and shape of its facades. They can be made of the following materials:

  • MDF or hardboard, covered with film, plastic, or veneered. The most traditional material used in traditional interior styles.

  • Mirror canvas. It contributes to the visual increase of the room, corrects unsuccessful geometric proportions, makes the room brighter. A frosted pattern can be applied to the mirror.

  • Special glass of increased thickness and strength, both transparent and frosted. Under the glass can be applied a layer of varnish, usually colored or photo image, which expands the range of design solutions.

  • Combinations of various materials. For example, chipboard and mirror or chipboard and glass.

The shape of the facades can be both direct and radial. In addition, they can be decorated with accessories, designed in the general style. Read more about the design of the doors of the closet compartment.

Tip: Do not use corner cabinets in the bedroom with mirrors in the event that they will be located opposite the bed, it can adversely affect the psychological comfort.

Doors for the corner wardrobe in the bedroom

When choosing a design, it is necessary to take into account, in addition to the size of the corner cabinet in the bedroom, the way in which its doors will open. Doors can be:

  • Swing: open in the usual way inside the room. The advantages of this design - its simplicity and reliability, swing doors are suitable for most interior styles. Cons - a large free space in front of the closet, necessary for opening doors. Suitable for large bedrooms.

  • Sliding: arranged on the principle of doors in the train compartment, to open them you need to move aside. The main plus is that no space is required to open the doors, the wardrobe can be positioned almost closely to other pieces of furniture. Minus - the cabinet protects the contents from dust to a lesser extent than the cabinet with traditional doors. Suitable for small bedrooms.

Tip: When choosing a closet mechanism, special attention should be paid to the quality of individual elements. The movement of the door should be carried out smoothly, without jerks and jerks. Fit the door to the side of the cabinet should be as dense as possible.

Sizes of the corner cabinet in the bedroom

Each furniture supplier has its own dimensions of standard products, and there is no single standard for the dimensions of corner cabinets.

Sizes of corner wardrobes for an average bedroom:

  • Height from 200 to 250 cm
  • Depth from 50 to 70 cm
  • Width on each side from 70 to 240 cm.

It is possible to customize a corner cabinet of any configuration according to individual sizes, thereby maximizing the use of a useful (and in some cases even useless at first glance) area.

Examples of corner cabinets with dimensions

Filling the corner cabinet in the bedroom

Inside the cabinet, as a rule, have a modern clothes storage system, consisting of the following elements:

  • Shelves. They can be made of both wood and metal, and are intended for storage in boxes, as well as suitcases and other items.
  • The boxes. In the retractable drawers can store various small pieces of clothing. It is better if they are equipped with a closer for smooth closing.
  • Rods. This element is used for hanging on the hangers of outerwear. They can be located at different heights depending on what you intend to hang. So, for dresses, the height of the opening under the bar should be between 140 - 160 cm, for trousers, skirts or shirts - from 95 to 120 cm.
  • Baskets. Mesh baskets are designed for clothes that can be folded, as well as shoes. They are convenient to use, as the contents are always in front of the eyes, besides, the laundry in them is constantly aired. Baskets, like boxes, are equipped with a roller mechanism that allows them to be fully extended.

In addition, there are special hooks and shelves for bags, ties and other haberdashery items that can be installed inside the corner cabinet in the bedroom. Read more about the internal filling of the wardrobe in the bedroom.

Tip: If the cabinet depth is more than 50 cm, the clothes bar can be positioned parallel to the back wall. If the depth is less, you can set the short rod parallel to the sidewalls.

Even a small corner cupboard in the bedroom can significantly simplify the task of storing clothes and accessories, if room dimensions allow, then in the corner you can organize a voluminous modern system that allows you to place not only clothes, but also sports equipment, materials and tools for a hobby, and other necessary in the house things.

Photos of corner cabinets in the bedroom

The wardrobe for the bedroom can be made in any style and color. To decide which one is right for you, look at the photos below, they will help you make the right choice.

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