Bedroom arrangement: bed arrangement

The location of the bed in the bedroom plays an important role not only for the perception of the interior, but also for the quality of rest. Bedroom arrangement begin with a choice of bed. It should be comfortable and convenient: not too soft, but not too hard. An excellent choice is an orthopedic mattress laid on an orthopedic base.

Also, as a bed fit a folding sofa - it all depends on the place that you have identified for the night's rest. The choice between a sofa and a full bed is primarily influenced by the size of the room and apartment.

How can I place a bed in the bedroom?

1. Near the wall. Such an arrangement is successful in this case.

2. Headboard at the window. The wall behind the head creates a sense of security. If not, the person feels uncomfortable. In this case, you need to close the window at night with thick curtains, shutters or shutters.

3. Center.The location of the bed in the bedroom the center cannot be considered successful, since there is not a single wall nearby, and, therefore, there is no feeling of protection, “support”.

4. Opposite the door. If you are forced place a bed in the bedroom exactly opposite the door, be sure to separate it, for example, with a screen or light partition. The height of the screen should be greater than the bed itself.


Place a bed in the bedroom can be in different ways, and here too much is determined by the size and shape of the room allocated for this purpose.The correct location of the bed in the bedroom as such does not exist - it all depends on personal preferences. However, there are some general principles that are not recommended to break.

  • Niche. The mostcorrect bed placement in the bedroom - in a niche or in an alcove, if they are in the room. Closed space creates a feeling of comfort and security.

  • Straight.The location of the bed in the bedroom on the straight between the window and the door is undesirable. First of all, this is the most ventilated place in the room, and opening a window for the night will be dangerous for health. Secondly, on entering the room, any person will immediately see the bed, the most intimate place in the house.

  • Window. It is also undesirable to put a bed directly under the window, since it must be freely approached. If there is no other possibilityplace a bed in the bedroom, it is necessary to ensure that the window does not blow, and also to be able to close it with curtains tightly to ensure a peaceful sleep.

  • Proper bedding in the bedroom - this is not only the right place. It is important that heavy objects - paintings, chandeliers or other lighting devices - do not hang over it. No matter how well they are fixed, there is a chance of falling and injury.

  • The TV should stand as far away from the bed as possible if you want to maintain your vision.

  • Equip a bed with a light source for evening reading. This may be a lamp on the bedside table or a lamp mounted on the wall near the bed on a flexible base.

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