Blinds to the kitchen: types, materials, design, colors, combination

Roller blinds installed in the kitchen are practical, compact, and a wide choice of textures and colors of models allows you to choose a suitable option for any interior.

Roller blinds (also called rollers or roller shutters) are cloths that, thanks to the action of the chain and the retainer (like blinds), can be folded up with a neat roller with a lift lock at any height.

Recommendations for choosing kitchen Rolshtor

Choosing roller blinds in the kitchen is not an easy task. Below are some practical tips for solving this problem:

  • You should not choose dark roller blinds for kitchens with a small area;
  • take into account when choosing a practical cloth, as there are many sources of pollution in the kitchen;
  • should create coziness in the room, as the kitchen is one of the most exploited places in the apartment;
  • not be too transparent to protect the room from unwanted glances of passers-by, unless, of course, using roller blinds in the kitchen in combination with thick curtains;
  • in the kitchen with windows facing the south side it is preferable to use blinds, which can prevent excessive penetration of sunlight and heat;
  • when choosing roller blinds for a small kitchen, you should pay attention to the cassettes installed on the frame of plastic windows, since this solution saves space and does not block the space of the window sill.

Opacity rollstor

Modern materials allow you to achieve different levels of illumination of the premises - from light shading to full light insulation.


Only partially obscure the street light. Compared to other types of roller blinds are more airy. Well suited for residents of regions with a short daylight hours or for interior rooms with northern orientation windows.


When using this type of rolshtor in the interior, you can limit the access of solar heat to the kitchen as much as possible. The reflective properties of the material can reduce the penetration of heat to 20%.


Passing through the scattering canvases, the light propagates at an angle of about 230 degrees, which allows increasing the area of ​​their efficiency.

Day Night

The special design and double layer of the canvas allows you to adjust the flow of light. This property gives special advantage to these rolled curtains before the others.


Blackout curtains are designed for 100% isolation of the room from sunlight. And it was not by chance that they invented them in Finland, where the sun does not go round the clock in the summer.

The photo is dense, not letting the sunlight rollshtory blackout.

Web material

Before choosing a Rolshtor, you must decide in advance on the choice of material. It is necessary to understand that each of them has its positive and negative sides.

the cloth

Use, as a rule, in interiors where it is required to emphasize naturalness. Of the minuses - the possible deformation due to non-compliance with the rules of their care

Blended fabric

Thanks to a combination of natural and practical PVC fibers, a more resistant to shrinkage and abrasion is obtained, compared to fabric fibers. This property makes mixed types of fabrics very useful.

Natural materials (jute, bamboo)

Rolshtora from jute and bamboo come in various weaves. They are able to bring notes of the east to the interior and remind of exotic countries on a winter day.

Polyester / PVC

This material is extremely resistant to sunlight, high temperatures and high humidity. It has bright saturated colors and is easy to clean.

Design and drawings

Currently, there are no limits to the possibility of roll blinds for the kitchen. Everything depends only on the imagination and the wishes of the customer.


Flower print in the decoration of windows, perhaps, will not go out of fashion for a long time because of the ability to bring comfort even to the most strict kitchen interior. One of the most popular today among flowers can be called poppies that can create a spring mood, as well as orchids - which bring a Japanese flavor to the kitchen interior.


Modern styles in the interior of kitchens such as high-tech, welcome the use of geometry in the design of windows. It can be ovals, squares, zigzags or stripes that can visually expand the window or pull up. To do this, you just need to pick up a picture of Rolshtor with the location of the bands in the right direction.


Will become a favorite element in the interior of the kitchen for lovers of this drink. This drawing will be able to complement the unique smell of morning coffee with visual accompaniment.

Monograms and ornaments

Add luxury to the kitchen. But there is one nuance: the larger the drawing, the larger the kitchen window should be.

Pictured is a modern autumn kitchen, cheerful and awakening appetite.

Fruits and vegetables

They look bright and will help to wake up the appetite, which can be useful in families with small children, which sometimes can be very difficult to feed.

With photo printing

Suitable for people with their own worldview. With the help of such roller blinds, you can realize the wildest dreams or admire the photos of your loved ones.

Compilation for various styles

Below are examples of samples of roller blinds for kitchens of various styles.


Suitable for lovers of order and harmony in the interior. Rolshtora in the classical style, as a rule, have a single-colored coating or a calm geometric pattern, combined with the rest of the interior.

In the photo light pink rollshtora and tulle in the kitchen in a classic style.


Suitable for lovers of refined French style. Delicate light pastel shades of roller blinds, in combination with a bright floral print, are rustic and simple at the same time in a rustic way.

In the photo there is a roller blind and tulle for the decoration of the kitchen in the style of Provence.


Rolled curtains in the kitchen in a modern style can be completely different colors. Suitable as saturated monochromatic canvases, and blinds with drawings or photo printing.

Country music

Country-style does not accept bright inducing colors. Rolled curtains in this style will add to the kitchen of coziness and home furnishings. Canvas curtains are selected from natural fabrics (linen or cotton).

Eco style

In the modern world, tired of the bustle of the city, I want to, when I come home, to plunge into the atmosphere of a tropical island. Rolled curtains of jute or bamboo will be the perfect complement to the interior of the kitchen in an eco-style.

Color spectrum

On how well chosen shade rolshtor, depends on the overall perception of the kitchen interior. The choice of a warm or cold shade directly depends on the orientation of the window, relative to the cardinal points. Cold shades are suitable for windows oriented to the south side, and warm ones will add comfort to kitchens where the sun rarely looks in or does not appear at all.


White is universal for windows oriented to the south. He is able to visually increase the volume and emphasize the purity of the kitchen.


Challenging and stylish color. Fits very energetic people. Being one of the warmest colors, red can warm even in winter.

In the photo as a window decor - the original rolshtora with grommets.


Depending on the shade suitable for both the northern and southern sides. Emerald green will fit into the kitchen, where there is a lot of sun, and warm olive will give warmth to a cold room.


Regardless of what is a cold shade, it disposes to rest and tranquility. Able to give the kitchen a light and carefree atmosphere.


Mysterious and mysterious color. Usually he is chosen by creative people. Deep purple color when combined with white gives a feeling of luxury and wealth.


It is the color of optimists. Cheerful and positive. Able to improve even a bad mood.

Custom solutions in the interior of the kitchen

With the usual window in the kitchen, everything is clear, but there are layouts with such architectural forms that you have to think for a very long time how best to beat them. Consider a number of features of some modern kitchens.

With balcony door

Cassette roller blinds are easily installed on balcony doors, but with one nuance. Before installing you need to pay attention to the open door. The upper mechanism occupies a certain volume and does not interfere with the opening of the door.

With a pane

Cassette models of roller blinds fit perfectly for these purposes, as they do not have sagging of the canvas.

Instead of the door

One of the original ways to hide the budget content of the mezzanine, built-in niches and various cabinets is the use of roller blinds.

Bay window

Having broken outlines, the bay window is difficult to decorate with standard curtains. Rolled curtains in this case will look much more aesthetic.

Two windows without a cornice

Another advantage of roller blinds over conventional curtains is the absence of a cornice. And in the case when there are two windows in the room, you can originally zone the kitchen space.


The kitchen will acquire a cozy homely atmosphere, if you combine strict roller blinds with different types of fabric. The main thing is not to forget about the sense of taste, so as not to spoil the look of such a bold and original window.

Curtains (tulle, veil, organza)

The combination of airy types of fabric with opaque roller blinds looks very modern and can surprise any guests.

The photo shows an interesting kitchen design with rich color accents.


Translucent roller blinds, with proper selection, can ideally be combined with curtains. In modern interior, such fabrics are an excellent substitute for traditional tulle.


Again at the height of fashion. Especially successful is the solution when combining thick roller blinds and pelmet from light translucent fabrics, such as organza.

In the photo there are lambrequins with a pattern, a bright accent in the design of the window opening.

Features of the design of a small kitchen

  • Choosing the design of windows for a small kitchen, you should give preference to the light color scheme.
  • Translucent curtain for a small kitchen can be any, but the choice of pattern should be given special attention. Preferably the use of small ornament on the canvas, rather than huge monograms.
  • For narrow kitchens fit horizontal stripes that can visually expand the space by 10-15%.
  • In kitchens with low ceilings, attention should be paid to horizontal stripes.
  • Another design trick to increase the volume of the kitchen - use in the design of windows zigzags aimed peaks in the direction of the desired increase.

Photo gallery

Despite similar advantages, different types of roller blinds for the kitchen look different. And among this huge variety, you can successfully choose a model that fits a particular style. Rolshtora recently appeared on the Russian market, and every year consumer demand for them is growing, as they are a modern piece of furniture, gradually replacing standard curtains from kitchen windows.

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