Kitchens in the style of "cafe": features, photos

Paris street cafe, Viennese confectionery, pizzeria in sunny Italy - these cozy places where it is so nice to have a snack, have a cup of coffee or have a hearty lunch after a busy day can be recreated in your own apartment by developing a kitchen design in the “cafe” style. This kitchen will be original, memorable, and very cozy. If you like to travel, it will remind you of the places where your vacation took place.

Finishing materials are of great importance for the decoration of the kitchen in the “cafe” style. The basis can take a brick, decorative plaster, natural stone or their imitation. The best result is achieved when combining these materials.

The mood and the necessary color will help give the wallpaper with a suitable image, but you need to use them in a small area, you should not finish them with the whole wall. In the design of the kitchen in the style of "cafe" often use false windows. They can be mirrored, luminous, or with an inset of photo wallpaper depicting species that can be seen from the windows of a small restaurant or an outdoor cafe.

It is better if such a window looks like a real one, for which they imitate not only the frame, laying it on the wall, but also window sills, onto which pots with flowering plants can be put. Instead of a false window, part of the wall can be decorated with a mural, or decorated with paintings.

In the kitchen in the style of "cafe" is necessarily the presence of the bar, even if it is very small. If the kitchen is very small, and there is no suitable rack for sale, you can build a partition-rack between the kitchen and the living room, or use the console table. The window sill can be turned into a bar or placed near the window sofas with soft seats - this will fit the style well.

Furniture in the design of the kitchen in the style of "cafe" can be both wooden, for example, folding, and metal, forged. From the standard kitchen corners have to be abandoned - in these cafes are not set.

Mandatory affiliation of any cafe - shelf with wine bottles. Therefore, provide an open rack or shelf for your favorite wines, it is better if they are wooden. It is not necessary to put real alcohol on these shelves, to create the right atmosphere in the kitchen in the “cafe” style, it is permissible to use decorative bottles.

A pleasant and stylish addition will be small bouquets of flowers in vases, a board on which you can pin a home menu, and even better - one on which you can write it with chalk.

Antique items of kitchen utensils - coffee grinders, copper mortars, coffee turks will also suit any type of home “cafe”. If it was taken on the basis of institutions in Italy or France, then the appropriate decoration would be bundles of onions, peppers, garlic, hung on the walls. They can be both natural and artificial.

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