Brick in the kitchen interior: options for use, photo

Brick in the interior of the kitchen has been used for many centuries, and still one of the most popular materials in tile fashion. Over time, instead of natural brickwork, tiles began to be used to imitate it. The “brick” wall or even a small section of it will bring coziness and solidity into the room, will give the unique charm of antiquity and originality.

Styles that can be applied decorative brick from modern to classic: country, provence, loft, classic, art deco, minimalism or high-tech.

Decorative brick in the kitchen may have a different texture.

  • Or he completely repeats a brick natural, all its cracks and hollows.
  • Or it is “brick-style” styling, taking only form from it.

For country styles, loft or Provence is more suitable natural brick, or its repetition in modern materials. For minimalism and high-tech, it is better to opt for a glossy tile “under the brick,” imitating the shape and color of the brick, but not repeating its texture.

Small tiles resembling bricks in the interior of the kitchen look very advantageous, giving home comfort and warmth. Such tiles do not have to be the color of natural bricks - a shiny metallic surface will allow them to harmoniously complement the high-tech kitchen.

It always looks good alternation of tiles of different colors, from close to each other brick shades to the classic black and white.

Tile “under the brick”, as well as a special brick for facing, are simple in laying, the main thing is to take a suitable primer and glue recommended by the manufacturers. Besides this is a very budget option.

Variants of using bricks in the kitchen interior

Brick in the kitchen can be used in various ways, but the favorites are the following:

  • Apron. The easiest way is to lay out a “brick” wall area near the work surface and plate. This solution is the most traditional, and it looks great in any interior style.

  • Bar counter. The bar counter, lined with brick, looks very impressive and stylish, it will successfully replace the dining table, and will also become the visual boundary between the kitchen and the living room.

  • Functional areas. The zoning of the kitchen can be done by making a part of the wall in one of the zones with the help of decorative bricks. For example, highlight the dining area, making a "brick" wall near the dining table.

  • Niche. Decorative brick in the kitchen can decorate a niche, creating the impression of a thick solid brick wall. A similar niche can be made above the stove, and then it will become similar to the old hearth.

  • Window. Much less often isolated brick wall with a window. This option looks interesting if the interior is dominated by white tones.

  • Arch. Decorating plasterboard arches tiles under the brick turns them into solid architectural structures that can decorate any room. You can add them to trim the joints of the walls or doorways of the same masonry.

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