Kitchen apron under the brick: photo features

“Apron” for the kitchen is not only a necessity, but also an important decorative element. It can be made of various materials, as long as they meet two basic requirements - they are easy to maintain and serve for a long time.

Apron made of brick, ceramic tile, mosaic or skinali - the choice is wide, it all depends on your taste and on what style of decoration you choose. The market provides a variety of materials to protect the walls of the kitchen from pollution, and create a unique look of your kitchen.

If it is not possible to lay out an apron with artificial stone, brick or natural mosaic, you can use MDF plates with a film applied on them, on which anything can be depicted.

An apron under a brick, under a tree, under old plaster, and even under the pages of a photo album may appear in your kitchen. But natural materials, of course, is preferable.

The brick is resistant to temperature changes, it is not afraid of mechanical damage, it is easy to care for it, and it will retain its attractive appearance for many years, acquiring with time a raid of noble antiquity.

Choosing a brick apron as a decorative element for a kitchen, pay attention to the texture of its surface: it should not be coarse-grained so as not to reduce space and not absorb fat and other contaminants. Such aprons are especially relevant in Provence, Country, Scandinavian or Loft styles.

A good option - an apron under the brick, made of ceramic tiles. Such a tile can have a glossy or matte surface, imitate laying of small bricks or brutal “large”.

Small bricks will suit the Mediterranean directions of the interior, and the large ones - to the fashionable loft lately. An apron made of brick is rather difficult to lay out, but a tile imitating brickwork is laid in the same way as any other, which causes no problems.

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