Kitchen layout options

The most functional room in the whole house is the kitchen. Prepare food, eat, watch TV, relax or receive guests, all this can be done in the kitchen. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully select kitchen interior options.

In order for the interior to combine comfort, functionality and sufficient space for work and meals, you should turn to the most proven. kitchen layout options.

There are six main types of kitchen layouts, we consider each option separately.

Single row kitchen

Option planning kitchen on one wall, refers to the type of single-row kitchens. This option is suitable for small rooms with a width of no more than two meters. Furniture and work surfaces are located near the blank wall, table and chairs - by the window.

Single row kitchen-dining area of ​​20 square meters. m

Double row kitchen

Narrow, elongated rooms, with a width of more than 2.3 meters, suitable for double-row kitchen interior options. The part of the kitchen unit, which includes the main work surfaces, is arranged together, and the refrigerator and the storage cabinet are transferred to the next wall.

The dining table in this case is carried to one of the walls. There may be several combination options, they will all be similar in one, part of the kitchen furniture will be placed on the opposite wall.

Two-row version of the kitchen plan of 10 square meters. m


One of the most popular types of layouts in kitchens square type room. All furniture is grouped together, which facilitates the work when cooking, while clearly distinguished dining area located separately.

L-shaped version of the kitchen plan of the project from ZE | Workroom studio.


Option planning kitchen U-shaped way, the most rational use in wide kitchens, rectangles or "squares". The main advantages kitchen interior options in the form of the letter “P”, you can call the rational use of the three corners of the room and the ability to simultaneously perform the preparatory process of several dishes, being practically in one place.

U-shaped kitchen layout of 11 square meters. m


If the area of ​​your kitchen is more than ten meters - feel free to choose view of the kitchen layout in the form of "C". The kitchen furniture will zone the room and divide the kitchen into a work area and a dining area.

Kitchen island

Modern technologies allow you to no longer lock yourself on the walls, and for rooms with fairly large volumes, you can choose unusual types of kitchen plans. For example, the kitchen-island, the main surfaces in this case are arranged in a single-row, two-row, "G", "P" or "C" layout, and in the middle of the kitchen you can place a stove with an oven, sink or cutting table.

Watch the video: Kitchen Layout (April 2020).

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