Provence style living room design: features, photo

The Provence style in the interior of the living room is gaining more and more popularity every day, and this is quite understandable: it reminds everyone of family traditions, of the hot southern summer, filled with the scent of flowering herbs. This style, which came from France, is focused on sunny summer days in the province of Provence.

The main features of the design of the living room in the style of Provence

  • The walls are decorated in bright colors, the whole interior seems to be penetrated by light.
  • Furniture and decor items have a “touch of time”, signs of using them for a long time by several generations of the family.
  • In the finishing materials, simple patterns are used, more often - floral motifs, sometimes - a strip, a cell.
  • The walls are finished with plaster, natural stone, brick or their imitations.
  • The interior of the living room in the style of Provence often used pastel colors, muted, whitened, as if sun-dyed paint.
  • Use when making the structure of wood, stone.
  • The use of fabrics, as well as wood panels in the design of the walls.
  • Furniture is preferred wooden, simple forms, or wrought.
  • The decor elements and part of the furniture can be made of metal.
  • Wooden beams of dark color on the ceiling - one of the main features of the style.
  • High furniture, cabinets with mezzanines in style do not use.


Provence in the interior of the living room - these are the natural colors of summer fields: blue, blue, white, lavender, terracotta, gray, green. And all of them are diluted with white - as if from a long stay in the sun they slightly burned out.

Most often in Provence there is a combination of white color with lavender, olive, saturated blue. In general, the Provencal style allows the use of almost all the colors found in nature, there is no only bright, screaming shades and dark, gloomy colors.


In the design of the living room in the style of Provence used old or artificially aged furniture. It is better if it is “rustic”, rude. Polishing, refinement of lines is excluded. The best option is an old tree that served more than one generation of the family.

Upholstery - from natural materials with a rough texture - flax, canvas. The usual furniture "set" for the interior of the living room in the Provence style consists of a sofa, two or three chairs, several dressers and tables for lamps and decor items. Ideal - a combination of wooden and wrought iron items in the furniture. Wicker chairs are also allowed.


The interior must have various seemingly unnecessary, but such memorable things: souvenirs from different countries, statues and vases, lovely knick-knacks of the last century, which in this century have become family or even antique value. Do not hide all this on the chests, but to keep in sight, and the Provence style in the living room interior allows you to be proud of your family history.

You can connect on the same shelf a grandmother's doll of the last century with ceramics, fashionable in the middle of the past, and today's super-modern watches - and it will look stylish. Accessories in the design of the living room in the style of Provence are quite simple, but they should look elegant. It can be:

  • terracotta, ceramics, products of fireclay of simple forms;
  • pots, pails of tin or ceramic, tied with ribbons, with dry or fresh flowers or herbs;
  • ceramic panels painted with rustic motifs - roosters, sunflowers, poppies;
  • rural landscapes in simple frames and small sizes>;
  • in the interior of the living room in Provence style, there must be wrought objects, for example, furniture parts, or candlesticks, or accessories for the fireplace, or shelves on the walls;
  • wicker furniture or furniture items, baskets;
  • furniture painted or decorated with decoupage;
  • bags, liners in baskets of linen or cotton fabrics of a simple pattern;
  • Hand-made textiles - rugs, bedspreads, curtains.

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